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In line with government guidelines, and in order to protect our customers and ourselves, we have introduced the following measures, in our shop:

1. Face coverings are preferred in our shop. Please let us know, if this is an issue for you


2. We will also be restricting the number of customers in the shop, to 6 at a time, to protect us all. This may result in queuing, outside at busy times

If it is raining, we will ask customers to stay in their cars and we will serve customers in order of arrival


3. Contactless payments are preferred, if possible

4. We ask that customers try not to touch or handle items in our shop. We are happy to open any items to show sizes etc, as we will sanitise before and after

5. We kindly remind customers that if they need to bring children to our shop, that they are responsible for them and ensuring they follow social distancing and our guidelines


6. Use of our changing room will be restricted to allow us to clean it between customers


7. Any costumes that are tried on and not bought, will be quarantined for 3 days, to protect future customers


8. We are happy to serve customers outside or at their cars, if this is preferred. Please ask!


Thank you for your patience and compliance

We look forward to welcoming you!

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